Nice little retrospective on 2012 (part 1)

Photo 004

Started 2012 by waxing my brand new wheels

Photo 015

Had a blast up north with SS.Gab

Photo 002

We went there.


I also ended up Fucking up Gab’s fenders lolll (he decided to do this, not me haha)


Then Meets season begun in May. Here is SS.Sam and SS.Me


Reppin’ the early ’90s

Photo 024

A month later SS.Marc got to enjoy his newly inspected/plated car


In June, gab was rolling on 3-cylinders, I was still rollin’ the E30 and Vero too


Then I found this. Picked it up hella cheap and lowballed a Jew haha!!! Started to ditch the E30 little by little.


Me and SS.Mike hittin’ route 329 in style 🙂


SS-C.E.O. Vince visited me, installed some sweet sweet stickers.


While I got my Cressida, SS.Anthony finally got his brand new BR-Z, just right after he received his fortune auto coilovers, it was just a matter of time before it got crazy.


Then weeks later July had arrived, and so Tony’s game too.


I ended up on vacation up in Mt. Laurier out of nowhere



July was cool. Little get-togethers and random stuff.

this is it for now, be sure to check part II


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