This car is Fender Fucked

Gab is one of the greatest/honest/humble guys I know and you will see more of his badass 180sx this summer. I will do a feature when I get more free time and the weather is good enough for some photos.

Yesterday we did some smooth sailing around the neighborhood just to show me the smoothness of the ride. All I can say is that I’m really impressed on how it drives and the car looks really great despite it’s ”scars”. But this is what gives the car more character.

Let me tell you that you can’t miss him when you see him on the street, black on black S13 driving extra slow is just Gab’s style, awesome.

There is a story behind this fender. First Gab wanted me to roll his fenders (which I did an awesome job, pristine job btw) but his wheels didn’t fit, so then we used his baseball bat to fuck up his fenders, which came the name fender fucked. Don’t worry, he’s looking for widened fenders for better clearance.

More on this car later.


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