Every good thing must come to an end pt.I

This summer was by far the BEST summer I ever Had. So I think I’ll post a Multi-parts-picture-summary of my whole summer.

Me and some friends terrorized the streets of Montreal, and put some WTF faces on the highway cops.

Did some street sliding with some friends

Went to DMCC Montmagny for the first time, it was SOOO Legendary!

Replaced my rear crossmember (just pain in the ass, don’t ask) and finally put on some Victory/Boso pipes!

Went to my first Euro Tuesdays (not the last in the least loll) Yes I put a picture of a volkswagen, crazy huh?

Met some crazy E30 people

Finally went to the JDM Monday Meets and this very picture got in a video called ”Hellaflush” which my car isn’t lolll

^^ the video in question (at least the song is one of my favourites)

Took my car to the drags, turns out I’m not good at all, Supercharged MR-2 beaten the shit out of me.

Went to the track try doing some time attack, Enjoyed it big time.

Went to DMCC Victoriaville which was REALLY COOL for a ”skidpad”

Wall Scrape; Fuck yea.

Begun spotting for my future Car Club Ride

Went to DMCC Montmagny for a 2nd time, with sleep depravation 😛

Well this ends part 1, this was from May ’11 to July ’11. Next part coming soon.


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