September 2011

What happened this month in pictures…

 The E30 died because of this stupid dead ground and a bad starter… plus bad ground on the new starter so my blower motor wasn’t grounding properly…stupid. 

 The E30 spent a full week in the Garage. Notice the newly acquired Trurikawa straight from Japan! Thanks Rod!

Discovered that my cat likes BMW Videos 



Guillaume painted his E46 Flat Black with Urethane paint! 150$ Job! 🙂

Me, Guillaume, Adam and Jay went to the local 1/8th of a mile to do some black stripes…turns out 300hp with semi slicks with no glue on a FWD is only good for lacking traction.

Guillaume fortunately found out 2 or 3 things that needed attention. But he was pretty proud that nothing broke or pipes that went loose. All in all, his Turbo EF did very good for it’s first outing!

 Earlier this month my new friend and I went to the Julep, he took great pictures @ St3v Photographie 

 Pictures makes my E30 look actually great! Thx Stevie!

You can see me in the passenger seat, we just had pulled in and didn’t had the slicks on YET, Guigui was just very curious how it was driving without any traction.

Luv how you can see Guillaume’s eyes watching the X-mas Tree 😛

Then there was the Ultra Ride last Week!

We were joined with Mr. Fancypants aka J-C with Vinnie Vega at the

C.B. and Miss Julie at co-driving.

We lost phil after we left the parking.

ohh and btw, Jay Rusted his hood!

That’s it for now 😛 Stay Tuned!

Thanks again @ Jeremy at Jagimaging and Steve at St3v Photographie


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