Ladies are not fair…

I decided to go take a look at Rocky Auto’s japanese website to have a quick glance at their new Carbon fiber S30Z but stumbled on their S30Zs for sale or sold. What would I do for a G-nose with L31 or RB25/26 on Watanabes or Panasports G8s

This is a regular S30Z and it looks totally dope as it is! RB25 inside!

Deep RS Watanabes rules my world! They looks soo awesome with the polished lip.

As you can see, interior is not that mint, so is the car in general. It’s not that bad considering that I’ve seen much worse examples stateside.

Here you can get a glimpse of the little Beast in front of the steering hidden under the hood.

Seats are showing some age but looks complimentary with the car. It’s really surprising to see how low you sit in the car, right on the floor.

I can keep on wishing, praying or just dreaming… but definetly starting on saving 😛


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